Dear President-elect Joe Biden,

Utah’s Grand County Commission respectfully requests you make it a priority of your administration to take immediate action to restore the Bears Ears National Monument to its original size.

When President Obama designated the Bears Ears National Monument in 2016, it was a historic act that recognized the leadership of five Native American tribes—Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Ute Mountain and Ute—that were united in calling for the protection of this spectacular place in

southeastern Utah.

In addition, the Obama Administration sought local communities’ input. Prior to the designation, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell spent time in southeastern Utah, visiting with elected officials and tribal representatives and hiking through the Bears Ears area. On July 16, 2016, Secretary Jewell held a public hearing on the Bears Ears National Monument in Bluff, Utah, that was attended by close to 2,000 local residents and officials—a clear majority of whom supported the monument.

On December 4, 2017, President Donald Trump reduced the monument by 85%. This reduction was done without the involvement of Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, Ute Mountain Ute, and the Ute Indian Tribes, and was in complete disregard of their cultural interests.

The Grand County Commission supports immediate action by President-elect Biden to fully restore the Bears Ears National Monument as it was originally designated by President Obama. In addition, the Commission urges the Administration to take all necessary steps in managing the Monument to ensure the preservation of the rich cultural history of Native Americans, past and

present, that is within the boundaries of the Monument.


Mary McGann

Grand County Commission Chair