Happy Meow Years! This is Cosmo, the Library Cat. Recently, I was talking with Ms. Mary, the Grand County Public Library children’s library assistant, about our favorite books. She showed me some picture books written and illustrated by Jan Brett. Ms. Mary loves Jan Brett’s books because of their beautifully detailed illustrations and fun stories. The decorations on the sides of her pictures include little details of the story that is going on, along with the main story that you can follow on pages. Many of the books feature animal characters, which I really enjoy since I (did you know?) am a cat. Our library has a lot of Jan Brett books! I particularly enjoyed reading “The Hat,” which is about a hedgehog named Hedgie who accidentally gets a sock stuck on his head and convinces other animals that they should start wearing human clothes on their heads like hats as well. It’s hilarious! Can you imagine? I also really enjoyed “The Mitten,” which is about several different animals taking shelter from the cold in a mitten that is able, at least for a while, to stretch to fit them all inside. If you’d like to check out some of Jan Brett’s books, you can make an appointment to browse in the library, or you can put them on hold and use curbside pickup! Just call us at the Grand County Public Library at 435-259-1111.