[Courtesy photo]

Congrats to seventh-grader Holden Moore and eighth-grader Jace Reidhead, the Grand County Middle School students of the month.

All the seventh-grade teachers have endless great things to say about Holden Moore: each day he brings an enthusiastic attitude to class. He is incredibly kind, often goofy and always excited about learning. It is clear to his teachers that Holden works well with his classmates, building rapport through being supportive and helpful! He excels at using creativity and perseverance to succeed in school, always asking questions to further his understanding. Holden stands out as an exceptionally nice, hard-working student and a great role model for others. Holden has a cat named Carl and considers himself to be a gamer. He has six alpacas and two dogs at home, so he must like animals! Holden’s dad is in the Air Force and his family has lived in Moab for a little over two years. His advice to his fellow classmates is: “You can never learn enough!”

Eighth-grader Jace Reidhead was a valued member of the Red Devils Mountain Bike team this year, and his infectious enthusiasm for racing helped motivate his teammates. Jace is also a really solid student who takes his responsibilities as a student seriously. Teachers say that one thing that makes Jace stand out is that he frequently demonstrates higher-level thinking skills in his classes and even when he’s just chatting with his friends at lunch. His teachers truly appreciate his polite and respectful demeanor as well as his quirky sense of humor. Jace has the rare quality of just seeming content to be himself, and his peers respect him for his friendly and welcoming way with others. Jace is a mountain bike lover, a Disney enthusiast, and a poker player. He can be heard calling out: “Alliteration baby!” His favorite show is “Brooklyn 99” and he is an action movie enthusiast. Jace is a self-described “wannabe drummer” and since he wrote this personal bio, you might be able to tell he has a great sense of humor. His advice to his classmates is: “Always have a pencil!”

Thanks to Jace and Holden. You deserve some recognition for the positive energy you bring to GCMS every day.