Moab Pub Trivia event organizers Bradia Holmes, Adam Fleming, Zoe Hudson and Bobby Hollahan. [Photo courtesy of Moab Pub Trivia]

Are you wondering how to make use of all the random facts that have collected in your brain over the years? Well, here is your chance: Moab Pub Trivia on the Radio.

For several years, Moab Pub Trivia has brought people old enough to be in a bar together to show off their trivia knowledge with a little friendly competition, and perhaps imbibe a few beverages as well. Event organizers wanted to continue the fun tradition in a way that was pandemic-safe and so Moab Pub Trivia on the Radio was launched. The events will take place live on KZMU radio (90.1 and 106.7 FM and streamed at on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, starting right after a short news segment at 7 p.m. Event dates are Jan. 6 and 20, Feb. 3 and 17, and March 3.

Event organizer Adam Fleming said that anyone wishing to participate in the event should contact Moab Pub Trivia through its Facebook page or via email at, and will then be given the link to an online form to submit answers during the show.

Moab Pub Trivia strongly encourages participants to stay pandemic-safe and team up with other household members or strategize with friends through mediums like texting or Zoom.

Fleming said moving to the radio opens up the pool of who can participate to include persons of all ages and, since KZMU broadcasts online, even people who live outside of Moab.

“Reach out to friends who maybe moved away [from Moab] that you still want to connect with – this could be a good way to engage with them,” he said.

Fleming said the structure of the event will remain much the same, with different categories of questions and running themes, though tailored to the broadcast medium. Event organizers will come up with all the questions themselves. No outside sources may be used to answer questions.

Fleming gave some examples of questions from years past.

From a dinosaur round: What does “dinosaur” literally mean? (Answer: terrible lizard).

From a four-letter-word round: What is the most commonly used four-letter word in the English language, according to the Oxford English Dictionary? (Answer: that)

From a sports round: What is the name of the oldest sports stadium in the US that is still in use? Bonus point for the year it opened. (Answer: Fenway Park, 1912)

Fleming said this year folks can expect at least one audio round each night, such as music rounds in which participants will be asked to name the artist and track title. Other audio rounds could include identifying different types of sound clips.

There will be a time limit to submit an answer and an event organizer will tally the responses and announce the results.

KZMU station manager Serah Mead expressed enthusiasm for the event.

“This is such a beautiful way to bring the community together in this pandemic time and really stretch the medium of broadcast,” she said. “It’s the kind of experiment I get really excited about …I think it’s going to be so funny and so fun.”

Mead said that several event organizers are current or former volunteer DJs with KZMU and have “all the broadcast engineer chops” to run the show.

“They’ve designed it so it will be really entertaining even if you’re not playing along, but just listening,” she said.

In addition to Fleming, Moab Pub Trivia organizers include Bradia Holmes, Zoe Hudson and Bobby Hollahan.

Fleming said that the Moab Pub Trivia Facebook page is the best way to contact organizers and keep up with what’s happening with the event.

“This is such a beautiful way to bring the community together in this pandemic time and really stretch the medium of broadcast.”

– Serah Mead

When: First and third Wednesdays just after 7 p.m.

Where: KZMU Radio, 90.1 and 106.7 FM,

Contact: Moab Pub Trivia Facebook page;