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The seventh-grade student of the month is Kaylee Lindenstein. Kaylee exemplifies the qualities we look for in a student. She is interested in art, writing, reading, math, and science. She seems to always have a book ready and writes very engaging and interesting stories. In math, Kaylee collaborates well with others. Kaylee is motivated, conscientious, a team player and follows through on her commitments. She doesn’t just complete assignments but explores and goes deeper. Although Kaylee is quiet, she holds herself to high standards and insists on understanding what is going on and what is expected of her. She handles herself well, staying out of the drama and acting as a role model. Kaylee pursues her interests outside the classroom and shares what she is doing with her teachers and fellow students, sometimes asking for advice or sometimes just because she wants to explore thoughts with others. Kaylee and her mom live together with their dogs Turner, Hooch, Beetlejuice and Beast. Her favorite colors are white and everything pastel. Her favorite band is AJR and her favorite musician is the rapper NF. Her advice to her fellow classmates is: “Life is too short, so talk to people, do things and be stupid.”

The eighth-grade student of the month is Aracely Medina. Aracely, also known as “Cely,” exemplifies kindness. She treats others how she would like to be treated and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Cely truly cares about her fellow students. If you could see under her mask, there is most often a smile there. She is also a terrific student, engaged and always involved in discussions. In class, Cely is ready with insightful comments and a good question. She is definitely a class leader academically. When she has challenges, Cely advocates for herself and speaks with her teachers to address them. Cely has developed many skills that will lead to academic success, including discipline, curiosity and persistence. She loves to play basketball and her favorite color is blue. Cely is a straight-A student and is very organized. She loves animals and has a dog named Cash. Her advice to the other students is: “Always treat people how you want to be treated and work hard! It will be worth it in the end.”

Congratulations to Kaylee and Aracely!