Katie Grauel

In her mid-twenties, Katie Grauel was struggling with several chronic injuries that had accumulated over years of intense physical activity as an outdoor guide and instructor. She said that Rolfing, a form of bodywork called “structural integration” designed to align and balance the whole body, created “immediate transformative benefits” for her.

The change inspired her to share those benefits with others. She graduated from the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute as a certified Rolfer early this year and opened Moab Rolfing (Suite #2, 50 E. Center St., Moab) in July. She is also a board certified structural integrator and a licensed massage therapist.

“Rolfing is a holistic modality, meaning that I work with the whole body and whole person… to change systemic patterns that may have developed from old injuries or poor posture, causing the person chronic pain or tension,” Grauel said.

Grauel said that Rolfing can benefit persons with active jobs, such as river guides or construction workers, as well as those who may slouch at a desk all day. It can also help persons with old injuries that continue to flare.

“We all accumulate these ‘knick-knacks’ throughout our lives that take our bodies out of optimal alignment,” she said, adding that this can lead to discomfort and doing less of the things we love.

A 10-session series is recommended, though a single session can be enough to see some benefit.

Grauel said she recommends that clients come in on a weekly basis throughout the 10-session series, though if there are scheduling or financial constraints, anywhere from two times per week to once a month can work just fine.

Grauel said she offers a sliding scale discount for locals, offering up to $20 off her full rate of $120 per session. She also suggested that a session could make a good holiday gift, particularly in 2020.

“This year has been a stressful one for many people, and many of us hold that stress in our bodies – neck/shoulder tension anyone?” she said. “What could be better than giving the gift of a Rolfing session to a friend or loved one that helps disrupt and relieve that pattern of embodied stress?”

Sessions may be scheduled up to two weeks in advance and paid for on the Moab Rolfing website. Grauel’s hours of availability vary from week to week as she works other part time jobs, including for Grand County Emergency Medical Services as an EMT.

Grauel came to Moab in 2014 as a Community Rebuilds intern and has worked seasonally for Outward Bound instructing mountaineering, climbing and canyoneering courses in several Western states. In her free time she likes to go climbing and to run or hike with her dog, a rescue pup named Pickles.

For more information or to book an appointment, go to www.moabrolfing.com. Grauel may also be reached by email at moabrolfing@gmail.com or by calling 435-261-7908.

Owner Katie Grauel offers sliding scale for locals

“Rolfing is a holistic modality, meaning that I work with the whole body and whole person.”

– Katie Grauel

Where: 50 East Center St. #2, Moab

Cost: $90-$110 per session

Website: www.moabrolfing.com

Contact: 435-261-7908; moabrolfing@gmail.com