Underdog Animal Rescue and Rehab’s Mutt of the Week is little Fava, who arrived at Underdog’s ranch weighing just 3.3 pounds. Fava was brought in with her mama and seven other siblings, likely from a couple of litters that had been put together: there were short puppies, tall puppies and puppies that looked to be of different ages! Regardless, their mama took good care of all of them. The Bluff Animal Rescue Committee, a partner rescue in San Juan County, took them in for a week before Underdog had space to transfer them up to Moab.

Fava has been spayed and is ready to find her forever home. This little bean is most likely a mix of bull terrier, lab and dachshund. We are estimating that she will weigh below 35 pounds as a full-grown adult, but only time will tell with this cute rez dog! If you would like to visit Fava or other dogs, visit Underdog’s website at www.underdogrescuemoab.org to put in an application to adopt. Staff will contact you shortly after to invite you out to our ranch to meet her!

Underdog Animal Rescue and Rehab is a nonprofit helping the estimated 250,000 stray companion animals on Native American reservations of the Southwest through transport, vet care and adoption services. To donate, volunteer, foster or learn more, visit www.underdogrescuemoab.org.