Please, Utah State Legislators: take heed! Don’t let the UTV industry rob our quality of life!

Stick them on a trailer and tow them to the trails.

It’s not just about the noise. It’s about the NUMBERS. I live in Moab, Utah, where hundreds of

UTVs drive by my home every day.

Off-road vehicles are toys designed for off-road trails. Why are they driving

through our neighborhoods?

Making UTVs street legal has given UTV manufacturers a green light to bombard our

communities with whatever fancy 4×4 recreational toys they can dream up. I saw a monster

RZR parked at a rental. Is this the next wave?

UTVs were legalized primarily for ranchers to access their fields across the road. Since then,

UTVs have evolved into a breed of recreational toys beyond anything that existed in 2008.

Without any legislative oversight to curb the swarm of UTVs on our streets, they will continue to

multiply like locusts. Moab will become the poster child for how manufacturers took advantage of ill-considered state legislation to further their profits at the expense of local communities.

Citizens of Utah have the right to protect their property values from abusive noise, excessive toy

traffic and self-interested businesses that value making money over respect for their neighbor’s

quality of life.

They shouldn’t even be called Utility Terrain Vehicles, as UTVs basically serve no purpose other

than joyriding, kicking up dust, transforming trails into dirt-racing slaloms, ravaging the desert

and making an obscene amount of noise. They are the most destructive, least green form of

recreation that exists in Utah.

Please, don’t let poor policy and greed use our neighborhood streets as the gateway to public

lands. UTVs disturb the peace—ban them from our public streets!

Kaki Hunter