Indigo Alley employee Karen Downey greets shoppers.[Heila Ershadi/Moab Sun News]

Indigo Alley and Desert Wild sit side by side on Moab’s Main Street, their brick walls touching. Both sell unique clothing and other wearables and each has an uncluttered openness in its display that lets the goods for sale stand out from one another. However, they are distinct in what they offer: Indigo Alley sells primarily women’s clothes, shoes and jewelry while Desert Wild sells stylish outdoor-oriented clothing, shoes, and accessories, as well as an assortment of highly giftable items that includes everything from soaps and candles to enamel mugs to embroidery kits.

Faye Hutchins is the Moab entrepreneur behind both Indigo Alley and Desert Wild. Hutchins started Indigo Alley in 2015 and opened Desert Wild earlier this year. She recently sold her first business, Spa Moab, which she opened in 2011.

Hutchins said Desert Wild had only been open for 11 days before shutting down due to the pandemic, and so people are still finding out about what her new store offers.

“Desert Wild is more of a modern spin on outdoor clothing and gifts,” she said, adding that it has “a retro national park feel.”

Hutchins said both stores are doing holiday sales and discounts, and she hopes locals will consider the many benefits of shopping locally this holiday season.

When you buy locally, Hutchins said, “you’re supporting a Moab family and the employees that work here, so that they can have a job through the winter.”

Hutchins said she tries to buy locally whenever possible, and feels like making that effort is a positive thing she can do with belief in the saying that ‘what goes around, comes around.’

“I think of it like local karma,” she said.

Hutchins said Desert Wild sells many products made by companies that “do a lot of give-back” such as tentree Apparel, which plants 10 trees for every item purchased, and Cotopaxi, which uses recycled and repurposed materials and does charitable works through its Cotopaxi Foundation. Desert Wild also sells goods made locally and regionally, such as custom postcards by local artist Abby Leighton and candles made by a St. George company.

Hutchins said that, with so many options for shopping online, it is important to give people a special visual and tactile experience inside her stores, where they can not only see how nice an article of clothing looks but feel how soft it is.

Hutchins said her stores, especially Desert Wild, have a lot of items that would make great gifts this holiday season, including ornaments made of engraved wood and metal as well as puzzles and games and socks, beanies and hats. There’s also a baby section that includes outdoor-themed onesies and soft, animal-patterned shoes.

Indigo Alley also has ornaments for sale, including some in the likeness of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“I really enjoy finding unique inventory that makes people happy,” Hutchins said. “They smile and they are excited to come in and see new things … I like making people excited to shop.”

For more information, go to Indigo Alley may be reached at 435-355-0519 and Desert Wild at 435-355-0115.

One entrepreneur behind two Main Street stores

“I really enjoy finding unique inventory that makes people happy.”

– Faye Hutchins

Where: 77 and 79 N. Main St., Moab

When: Every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Contact: Indigo Alley 435-355-0519; Desert Wild 435-355-0115