Hello everyone, it’s Cosmo the Library Cat. I’ve noticed that some humans like to create arts and crafts, especially during a time that is coming up that they call “the holidays.” I decided I wanted to try, but I didn’t know how to get started. Then my librarians told me about a site called Creativebug, which you can access for free using your Grand County Public Library account at This site has video classes and other resources for people interested in doing arts and crafts. Creativebug seems to be geared towards adults, but I think kids might enjoy them too, as long as a grownup helps them with the difficult stuff. I watched a class on how to paint animal portraits. Unfortunately, while my paws are useful for many things, they are not ideal for using brushes, so I needed a lot of help to finish my projects. There are also downloadable templates, patterns and recipes. I definitely feel more creative after checking out Creativebug.