Dear Moab Music Festival organizers,

Thank you so much for making Moab Music Festival 2020 possible.

I can’t imagine what kind of work had to be put into place to make this happen, but the fact that you put live concerts as the goal – and executed this so successfully– meant the world to me.

Obviously, Moab is the most beautiful, special place in the world and it’s my favorite place to come to every year. However, this year was on another level for so many reasons – and I’m never, ever going to forget how truly special it was to be at MMF after hibernating in my apartment for the last six months.

Truthfully, I struggled quite a bit to find motivation to play my violin since the pandemic. It was difficult to pick up my instrument knowing that I wasn’t going to perform. I did a number of video recordings and livestreams, but it wasn’t really giving me the joy. I missed the human connections, both with colleagues and the audience. MMF was able to spark that purpose and meaning of music again. It was truly a pivotal experience to be at Moab this summer because it allowed me to realize how important the violin is in my life, and that I need to continue to push forward.

It’s so amazing how you learn so much when things are put into perspective, and this past week was just that. My heart is so full, and it’s going to last me for a very long time – until we get back to normal again.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in live music and the musicians. I’m confident I’m not just speaking for myself but for everyone who was so lucky to experience what you put together this summer.

Please be well and safe until next time we meet again. Thank you!

Kristin Lee