Dear County Commission,

Please don’t back down with Rally on the Rocks. I understand that they bring in money to our economy but they are a disruptive force and make our lives miserable. From what I read in the paper the person who operates this event has no respect for the county commission or the people who live here.

Personally, I would love it if we didn’t give them a permit at all. The Moab community is better than this. I understand that after the bust in the ‘80s the people here were willing to have ANYTHING that would bring in money and help the economy. However, it is now 2020 we have appeal (perhaps too much) and it’s time we figured out how to have a strong economy AND an appealing place to live.

I would love it if we could focus on less invasive/non-motorized events like running and biking, the Moab Music Festival and the Moab Folk Festival. Those people bring in money, and their family and friends. However, they do NOT bring in huge trailers full of loud motors that destroy the quiet both in and OUT of town.

One other comment — I certainly hope we are not starting to get more of those loud flying motors. It’s bad enough having motors around us on the ground but ALL AROUND US including above us is WAY too much. What controls, if any, can be established before this too becomes a problem?

Let’s get a grip on what we want our community to be.


Judy Powers

P.S. Please please please educate yourself on the issues AND VOTE!!!!!!