Ryelan Jones

With a quarterback rating of 108.04, Grand County High School senior Ryelan Jones threw and rushed for a combined total of 306 yards and 3 touchdowns on Sept. 18 against Emery High School.

“I knew when Ryelan was coming in, he was special,” said Coach Dennis Wells. Ryelan started his career playing wide receiver and running back, but worked his way up to starting quarterback.

“He’s a hard worker, always goes full speed,” said Wells. “His confidence and athleticism make it easy to count on him when you need to make a play.”

Wells said that Ryelan is a great athlete with vision as a player that allows him to see things on the field and communicate with the coach and his teammates about what plays to execute based on the situation.

Academically, teachers report that Ryelan is a great student who’s very knowledgeable and works hard. Always smiling, he’s quick with a laugh or humorous word for everyone. Coach Wells noted that Ryelan is confident, not afraid to try new things and is one of those players that you want on your side of the ball.

“Winners always want the ball when the game’s on the line, and that’s Ryelan every time,” Wells said.