Helen M. Knight student Luis Mario smiles with his new backpack. [Photo: Moab Valley Multicultural Center]

Amidst an uncertain and careful start to school this year, the St. Francis Episcopal Church, the Moab Faith-Based Coalition, Spanish Valley Pest Control, Moab Rotary Club, Wabisabi and Karen Schlom all donated backpacks and school supplies through the Moab Valley Multicultural Center’s annual Backpack Project so that 60 Grand County students would be equipped for the school year.

“We are very grateful to see how this project has grown each year and also to share the enthusiasm for helping others with the individuals who contributed time, money or supplies,” read MVMC’s press release on Sept. 16. “It is beautiful to see the collaboration between business, faith, service, and community sectors coming together to help families in Moab.”

Earlier this fall, MVMC advertised online that any student needing a backpack or school supplies could contact the Center. MVMC staff members fielded several emails and calls to help students pick out a backpack online while other members of the community donated various school supplies. Volunteers helped organize the donated notebooks, pencils, crayons and other necessities on MVMC’s back patio the week before school began.

Bradia Holmes, the MVMC education coordinator, reported that the event was a success.

“It’s one of my favorite back-to-school activities that we do,” she continued. “It’s exciting to see kids go confidently into the new school year with a new backpack and new school supplies.”

Though the deadline for this year’s Backpack Project has passed, anyone in need of school supplies or a backpack can still reach out to MVMC at 435-259-5444.

Annual Backpack Project distributes 60 educational kits