Sage & Stone Salon owner Mallory Washington describes her salon’s ambiance as “clean and simple” while also “warm and inviting.” [Photo: Emily Klarer Photography, courtesy of Mallory Washington]

Moab’s Main Street is lined with buildings from an earlier era, updated and repurposed for contemporary businesses. In the center of town, on an older two-story stone and brick structure, hangs a new sign for Sage & Stone Salon, opened earlier this year by longtime Moab resident Mallory Washington. The door opens onto a staircase; at the top, with views of downtown on one side and Moab’s western rim on the other, is Sage & Stone.

Washington describes her salon’s decor as “clean and simple” while also “warm and inviting.”

“I wanted to be creative and open up a really beautiful space,” said Washington, who has ties in Moab dating back to the mid-90s.

She left Moab to go to school so she could cut hair professionally, then moved back and saw an opportunity to open her own business. Some places might give a good haircut, but have an assembly-line feel to them, Washington said. She envisioned a salon with an enjoyable, relaxing ambiance that would leave clients feeling great as well as looking good.

It took some time for the right place to become available. But when real estate company Byrd & Co. relocated its office, Washington said the owner contacted her with the idea that the now-vacant space would be just right for her salon. Washington agreed and said it was only a matter of weeks from the time she secured the space until her business was up and running.

That was in February of this year. The next month, right after Washington invested a substantial sum into beauty product inventory, the coronavirus pandemic spurred business shutdowns and Washington had to close Sage & Stone for several months. And even when she opened, she did not serve tourists as she had planned to when she opened her salon.

“We have made it this far this year from almost only local business,” she said, adding, “It was probably the worst year for a salon to open, but I remained optimistic and we’re surviving.”

Washington credited this in no small part to loyal clients she has had since before she opened Sage & Stone.

Washington said Sage & Stone is a “full-service salon” and hair services include cut, coloring, styling and extensions. Washington has employees that provide nail and skincare: pedicures are by Anne Sole, manicures and nail enhancements are by Oy Wade, and Jenny Cothran offers esthetician services including facials.

Washington said she is also excited to offer high-quality, environmentally conscious beauty products from Osea and Kevin Murphy. Osea makes algae-based skincare products that are non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan; Kevin Murphy has a similar line of products, but for hair, and markets itself as the first beauty company to use packaging made entirely from reclaimed ocean waste plastic, saving a projected 360 tons of plastic from the ocean each year.

Washington said she periodically offers specials and is planning one for the fall. She said she will be posting information on Sage & Stone Salon’s Facebook and Instagram and has plans to get a website up soon where clients can book appointments online.

In the rare moments she isn’t working, Washington said, she spends time with family and friends doing “typical Moab stuff” like hiking and biking.

Washington said she loves her work at Sage & Stone, especially as she gets to use her creativity to provide a service for others.

“My passion, really, is people,” Washington said. “I love getting to know people and hearing everyone’s stories… I love making people feel good.”

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Sage & Stone Salon offers hair, nail and skincare services

“I wanted to be creative and open up a really beautiful space.”

– Mallory Washington

When: Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: 33 N. Main St. #1, MOab

Contact: 435-260-2850, Facebook and Instagram