When thinking about the things in life that bring me happiness and get me through the workday, my mind immediately goes to sports, concerts and special events like fundraisers, farmer’s markets, and festivals. Signing up to play baseball with my friends once a week or enrolling in an art class to learn something I’ve never done or just meeting up at a park to play frisbee are all amazing things that bring joy, happiness and a certain spice to my life. I don’t have children yet, but I can only imagine that summer camps, parks, sports, and other activities not only make life as a parent easier, but also more fun, interesting and educational. All of these things improve our quality of life.

Moab has an exciting opportunity this November. Proposition 8, the RAP Tax, is on the ballot. This tax is a very small 0.1% that is added to our sales tax (not on food or gas) and gets put aside to be used to fund recreation, arts and parks in the community. Throughout the course of a year, this small percentage could add up to around $300,000 and most sales tax is paid by tourists coming through town. Essentially, tourists will be paying the majority for some amazing amenities and programs that we get to enjoy all year and that they will enjoy on their vacation. We could improve and update our parks, expand our adult and kids sports programming and get more art classes, camps, and events. I don’t know about you, but after a long day of making sure a tourist from Maryland has an amazing time in my town, I like to unwind by hanging with friends in the park of my choice or attending a free concert or playing a heated game at the ballpark.

Nobody likes paying taxes, but we all do it and with Proposition 8, we will directly benefit. We will get to enjoy more beautiful and safe parks, updated arts and recreation facilities, and improved trail systems for cyclists and pedestrians alike. With a huge amount of help from our visitors, we will be investing in our town, making it an even greater place to live.

Sascha Steinberg,