Hi everyone, this is Cosmo, the Library Cat. Need some new picture books to read, but you’re in a hurry? Well, now the Grand County Public Library has picture book bundles prepared just for you, so you can just grab and go! These book bundles are organized into different themes and come with fun activity pages suitable for preschoolers through first graders. I checked out a Pirate Picture Book Bundle — arr! — and I really enjoyed the books and the activity pages. Besides Pirates, there are bundles for Sports, Summer, Dinosaurs, The Zoo, Apples, Bugs, Transportation and Bedtime stories. If you’d like to put a picture book bundle on one of these topics on hold for curbside pickup, you can call the children’s room at 259-1111, ext 3. You can also request a picture book bundle on a different topic, a board book bundle, a children’s audiobook or DVD bundle, a children’s fiction bundle, or a bundle of nonfiction books from the children’s room. My librarians would be happy to put together any kind of book bundle you would like!