In 1992, Tupac uttered the lines “Mama didn’t raise no fool.” The sentiment expressed by Tupac is why I oppose the new bike skills park. As reported in the Moab Sun article “Bike park outcry makes council uneasy” (printed in the July 23 edition – ed.), the grant request describes the proposed bike park as geared toward tourists and local businesses. Yet, us concerned citizens are told by Ms. Logowitz and the City Council: “don’t worry, trust us.” They say the bike park is allegedly not for tourists and businesses. Quite frankly, when one plan is set down on paper for a grant request and concerned citizens are told about a different plan, things start to smell fishy.

Furthermore, regarding the concept of fairness, in the Moab Sun News article “Outdoor dining on Center Street?” (also in the July 23 edition – ed.), council members express a desire to show “fairness” to local businesses. Yet, where is the desire by this council to show fairness to concerned citizens regarding the lack of a public hearing (just because something is not required does not mean it should not be done), and lack of sympathy to those who live in the neighborhood of the proposed bike park, and lack of sympathy to those who enjoy the peace and quiet of the bike path as it is? You guessed it: something smells fishy around here.

To Ms. Logowitz and the City Council: act on Pete Apicella’s recommendation to move the bike park to the northeast corner of Swanny Park. That is where it belongs, not in a quiet and contemplative pocket of the bike path.

Josh Cameron