At times like this with the devastating COVID-19 illness, true patriotism would be thinking more of our fellow citizens, residents, visitors, rather than thinking “It’s my right to…,” however one wants to finish this statement.

We NEED to stop this horrendous deadly machine spreading throughout our country!

Of course we have “rights” because of our Constitution and its Amendments, so where does one draw the line between “I have a right to…” and “Masks and social distancing are now mandatory”? We need to create penalties for ignoring these simple life-saving procedures to help control the spread of this most virulent virus.

The U.S. has become one of the most self-centered “I want, when I want, if I want, because I want and why I want,” countries on our fading planet Earth.

Think of others for a few months or a year with regard to this nasty COVID-19 and help each other suppress this killing machine.

Science and research are discovering that COVID-19 disease has also been showing detrimental and long-lasting damage in our lungs, heart, and brain whether we are healthy, have been exposed, recovered, or dead.

Get a grip!!!

Judy Martinez-Ross