Hi y’all! It’s me, Cosmo, the Library Cat. I’ve always been fascinated by desert animals like the lizard. I just wish they weren’t so fast! If you want to learn more about desert animals as I do, you’re in luck. This week at the library, we have Summer Challenge To Go activity bags prepared by our friends at Arches National Park! This week’s theme is “Heroes of the Heat” and it’s all about desert animals and how they have adapted to hot, dry conditions. The bags have a worksheet, coloring pages, a STEAM activity and two outdoor activities. I tried out the STEAM activity, “Design a Desert Animal.” I’m very proud of the animal I created, with a little help from my librarians!

You can pick up a Heroes of the Heat activity bag for free via curbside pickup at the library while supplies last. The library has been offering Summer Challenge To Go activity bags every week since the beginning of June, but this will be the last week that we’ll have new activity bags. If you missed out on our other bags, there are still some available. All the bags have craft supplies, activities and coloring pages and are suitable for children from pre-K – early elementary age. For more information, call 435-259-1111