We’re going “ARTrageous!” this week of summer camp here at the Youth Garden Project. Campers got crafty making dream catchers, sun-print t-shirts, and even…pet rocks! It’s funny to create little creatures that could be crazy aliens, little sheep or maybe a stone version of your own pet cat! Here’s how you can make your own at home this summer:

Make a pet rock!

Find a medium-size rock. Flat river stones work really well!

Take a good look at your rock: does the shape of the rock remind you of an animal’s face or body? Are you inspired by a pet from home? Think about how you’d like your pet rock to look.

Use acrylic paint to decorate your pet rock!

Once the paint has completely dried, you could add googly eyes, turn pipe cleaners or straws into legs, and incorporate any other materials you have at home that can be glued on.

Give your pet rock a name and a home. Will it live outside to protect your garden or yard? Or, will it live on your very own bedroom shelf? You decide!

A family activity from the Youth Garden Project