Youth Garden Project

During the second week of Youth Garden Project’s Summer Camp, our campers graduated from Astronaut Academy and launched into space during this “Intergalactic Exploration” themed week.

Along the way, the astronauts-in-training made moon food, learned about constellations & their stories, and even became pen pals with aliens telling them all about what life on earth is like.

Let your imagination run wild and try out this simple ‘Dear Alien’ activity that was an absolute blast at camp.

Dear Alien…

Do you think there is life on other planets? What do you think life is like on these other planets? Are there ALIENS?!? What about any other types of creatures or wildlife?

Much like we don’t quite know what kinds of lifeforms exist in outer space, aliens might not know much about our planet Earth either!

Now it’s time to get extra creative, because you’re going to write to an alien telling them all about life on Earth!

Get out some paper, pens and colored pencils and settle down to think.

Start your letter by describing your life to the alien: what do you do for fun? What kinds of things do you eat? Describe Moab and where you live–what does it look like here? End by asking them some questions about themselves and their lives up in space.

If you have family members or multiple kiddos who want to participate, swap letters with someone and read their letter as if you are their alien pen pal!

Write back on a new piece of paper, answering their questions to you and telling them all about life on your planet.

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