Spending a lot of time at the Grand County Public Library has made me realize how important it is for kids to start learning even before they begin kindergarten. The other day, my librarians showed me a website that has tons of resources to help preschool children and their caregivers with early learning – Utah Education Network’s Preschool Pioneer Online Library. You can access it at It is free for all families with young children in Utah!

I explored the website (it’s fun clicking on the mouse!) and I really liked the interactive games that kids can play online. There are links to free shows you can stream. I even found a show starring a cat! The cat’s name is Daniel Tiger, and I love his show, you’ve got to check it out. I also watched a series called Yana and Egbert. It is designed to teach young children about science and reasoning. Besides fun educational games and videos for kids, there are many other resources for parents and caregivers. I’m glad I found out about this website. Check it out!