Dear Mayor and City Council: STOP SPENDING MONEY!

How can you justify spending $70,000 for a bike park, when you have fired or furloughed so many citizens that need income to provide food and shelter for their families?

Our schools and our library are providing meals for dozens and dozens of our children, while you want to spend $70,000 ($30,000 for construction, $30,000 for a glorified outhouse and $10,000 for annual maintenance) for a bike park.

That $70,000 could buy a lot of food or provide poverty-level income for two families!

How much did your last fiasco cost the taxpayers? You installed back-in parking without considering the effect it would have on local businesses. Then we, the taxpayers, had to pay again to undo that mistake.

Not only will your bike park cost the taxpayers money we don’t have, it will destroy one of the prettiest spots in the city! That area is a quiet oasis one block from the Main Street highway. It has majestic trees and a gentle walkway that connects to four different parts of the city. Why destroy it? Fire your experts and rehire the local citizenry! Stop spending money: we don’t have it!


Mrs. Suzanne Allemand