I’ve been celebrating with a catnip treat because last week we reached our first summer challenge community-wide reading goal! Our Read to Feed goal of 50,000 total minutes of reading has been achieved, so City Market and Moonflower Market are each donating $500 to the Grand County Food Bank. Thank you, City Market and Moonflower Market! Meowsome job everyone!

My librarians at the Grand County Public Library and I have been brainstorming ideas for our next reading goal, and thanks to John at The Donut Shop on Center Street we have come up with a great one! This next goal is like catnip for kids! When our community reaches a total of 225,000 minutes of logged reading, every kid under 18 who has registered for one of the library’s summer challenges will receive a coupon for a free donut! So kids, make sure you are registered to participate in one of the library’s summer challenges and crack open those books. Every minute you read or are read to counts towards earning donuts for you and your friends! You can read anything you like (books, magazines, comics, graphic novels, etc.) and listening to audiobooks counts too. Visit for instructions on how to register.