When I imagine applying permaculture design principles along Mill Creek’s Pedestrian-Bike Parkway I see winding paths leading to sitting areas under the shade of thriving trees nourished from rainwater soaked basins and swales.

The downed cottonwood trees would become playful climbing gyms with swings and rope ladders leading from one trunk to another. There would be rogue strawberries, thornless blackberries, currant bushes, fruit and nut trees to munch on.

The creek would have little beach hangouts to invite kids to explore.

Clusters of indigenous plants supported by storm collection diversions would show us how to replenish our aquifer by creating rainwater “sponges.”

I would love to see the city spend money on demonstrating permaculture restoration techniques within our city-managed parkway.

How else could we spend $60,000 of city funds on our parkway?

Are you aware that Trail Mix and the City have approved a novice Bike Skills Park using $60,000 of city funds within the Parkway?

I’m not against a Bike Skills Park. It would seem to make more sense to delay this decision for a year or two considering the financial straits the city and county find themselves in currently. This would also give time for more community involvement in the decision-making process.

If you have an alternative idea for use of these funds please let the City know.

Doni Kiffmeyer