I cannot understand why City Market, Village Market, and Turner’s do not take more precautions to protect against COVID-19.

I drove to Denver on Monday for an appointment. While there, I shopped at Home Depot and Trader Joe’s. Their precautions were impressive and reassuring. Each store required all customers to wear face masks. Employees wore masks and gloves. The number of customers in the stores was metered. Customers waited outside while an attendant monitored the number of persons in the store. Each time a customer left, another was allowed to enter. Shopping carts were individually disinfected between uses. There was a single line in the stores to check out. An employee directed each customer to a vacant checkout counter after being disinfected. Credit card machines were cleaned and surfaces were washed after each use. There were plexiglass protectors. The customers were patient, positive and appreciative.

Why can’t we do the same in Moab? It is the safe, healthy and respectful thing to do. We are not allowed to smoke in public spaces because it endangers others. We are required to wear shirts and shoes. Why not face masks?

Manuel Davis,