It’s wonderful that Governor Herbert is requiring all Utah employees to wear masks. This means that customers will be protected, for the most part. But if those customers don’t show the same courtesy and wear a mask, our loved ones that are working won’t be protected. This is what science has revealed to us so far.

Yet even in spite of this data, wearing or not wearing a mask is becoming a ridiculous political battle and face masks are now another reason to pick sides.

Yes, wearing a mask can be uncomfortable. Get over it. To those of you who have yet to embrace the face mask because you don’t want to be told what to do or you think it’s a civil liberties violation, please take a look at ‘No Smoking’ laws which say that you don’t have a right to stand next to me if you’re smoking because second-hand smoke kills. Not wearing a mask these days is like second-hand smoke. It’s also telling me that you couldn’t care less about the people around you.

If you don’t wear a mask, you’re not being brave, you’re being reckless.

When you see a store clerk, cashier, or food-server wearing a face mask, remember that mask isn’t protecting them, it’s protecting you. It’s a simple way to protect each other by reducing overall community transmission. So please wear a face mask.

Kathy Cooney,