For such a small community, we have been blessed with two newspapers and a local radio station. I never appreciated that fact as much as I am right now during this pandemic. We are so lucky to have news concerning our own area. While the state, country and world news are important, the only place I feel I need to KNOW what is going on is HERE. It’s the local news that affects me. And where I might be able to make a difference.

I have been listening to KZMU’s Molly Marcello every weekday. She interviews people at the health department, the hospital, the city and county and at both papers, besides sharing other pertinent information that affects me. It keeps me in the Moab loop.

I’ve also found out how much having local newspapers saves us money in the long run as a community. Having those watchdogs can actually give the city and county better rates on our loans. It helps to ensure that politicians and government workers are kept honest.

Please, if and when you can, support your local papers and radio station. We are lucky to have them.


Judy Powers