Hi kids! This is Cosmo, the library cat. Are you a little bored like me? I have a great idea for you to help pass the time. Try going to Grand County Public Library’s online list of Digital Resources for Families at and click on Tumble Book Library. There’s tons of good stuff there!

I just read a book there called “Baby Animals Playing.” I chose this book because I liked the animals on the cover…can you guess why? If you click “Read Online”, the book will be read aloud to you and you can see the words as they are read. This is a great way to practice reading while looking at adorable animals. You also can hear what these animals sound like in real life!

I can’t wait to see you all back here at the library, but in the meantime please check out Tumble Books and keep getting books by curbside pickup! Want some new picture books to read but don’t know what to put on hold? No problem! Just call us at 435-355-0924 and I will help our librarians hand-select materials just for you!