If we are ready or not, if it is wise or not, we are looking at the inevitable opening up from rules meant to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. It would be nice If there were a coordinated advertising effort from the city, county, and travel councils to at least the Utah and Colorado markets to educate tourists coming our way that as much as we (and the whole planet) want to return to a more normal life, the virus listens only by the laws of nature and biology.

Those laws do not recognize our human desires to make a living, go on vacation, or participate in any other activity we deem worth our time. Nor do those laws recognize that our community’s medical resources are limited. Therefore, tourists need to be informed that:

* We, as a community, are asking (insisting?) the tourists thinking of visiting us have enough respect to NOT visit if they or anyone in their party have had any symptoms of the virus or has been exposed to anyone with the virus or symptoms for the last couple weeks. Also, we expect them to follow rules about social distancing, mask-wearing, etc. This is not too much to ask, and it’s about protecting ourselves in our community as well as other visitors.

*As a community, it appears we have done a good job in keeping the virus down and some of us should take a bit of pride in that. We have a chance to keep it that way and do not wish to import it in. Tourists should know that we are risking everything if they don’t/won’t cooperate. A breakout here and associated negative press will do more long-term damage than the current shutdown ever could.

This kind of advertising is a reasonable request. Most people nowadays will easily understand it. If we give ourselves the self-respect we deserve and gain the reputation of being and staying safe, the stage is set for a better recovery when the time comes.

Thank you for your time.

Nate Rydman,