[Photo courtesy of Grand County Search and Rescue Facebook]

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office Division of Search and Rescue responded to two separate incidents where Grand County residents were injured on Saturday, April 25.

“Due to precautions that must be taken with the current Coronavirus situation,” the division wrote on their Facebook page, “all Search and Rescue calls across the nation are more difficult and hazardous,” and urged residents and visitors to stay safe.

Early on the morning of April 25, a BASE jumper struck a cliff wall in Kane Springs Canyon, suffering back and leg injuries. The rescue required a 300-foot technical rope rescue after the patient was stabilized by Grand County EMS.

“Crews try to maintain social distancing but must don Personal Protective Equipment when that is not possible, such as during any litter operation,” the group noted.

Just hours later, Search and Rescue was again called out to a remote area of Mill Creek Canyon after a backpacker injured her ankle. Due to the rugged nature of the trail, a helicopter was called to transport the patient out of the canyon.

“The subject refused litter transport and, as one SAR member described, she ‘scooted, hopped, and crab-walked’ to the helicopter with assistance,” Search and Rescue wrote in a report on the rescue.

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office asked residents to help “thank these hard-working team members as they must endure additional efforts during these challenging times to ensure the safety of all.”

Two Grand County residents need rescue in separate incidents