Caden Kirks (left), a 2019 graduate of Grand County High School, runs Tech Essentials and Supply with his former boss, Sarah Wojcieszek (right). [Photo by Murice D. Miller / Moab Sun News]

Caden Kirks may have just graduated from GCHS last year, but he is not new to the world of business. Most recently, he became co-owner of Tech Essentials and Supply, an online-based company that sells used phones, charging cables, screen protectors, and other basic accessories with same-day delivery to the Moab area. He runs this company alongside his former Tech Zen boss, Sarah Wojcieszek.

Kirks said he had an entrepreneurial spirit even as a kid, “selling lemonade on the corner.” And when he was 17 (and still in high school) he had his own Amazon business selling toys, which he still continues today.

Also while in high school, Kirks worked for Wojcieszek and her husband, Scott, at Tech Zen, which provided tech services including iPhone and computer repair.

Wojcieszek said that a challenge for Tech Zen was retaining employees.

“We were basically hiring high school students, teaching them how to repair things,” she said. “They would graduate and move on.”

A large part of their workforce difficulties, Wojcieszek said, stemmed from the high cost of housing in Moab.

“We were being overwhelmed by the work market,” she said. “We made the hard decision to close (Tech Zen.)”

Wojcieszek said she and her husband almost moved away from Moab themselves, but got job opportunities that kept them here.

Wojcieszek said Kirks approached her and said people were disappointed that Tech Zen had closed.

“We were selling so many used phones that were affordable…we provided a good service,” she said.

Wojcieszek said she got the idea of selling retail online, and having same-day delivery, similar to what Amazon does in some locations – but, specifically for tech, and specifically for Moab.

When she mentioned this idea to Kirks, he said he could build a website, and they could do same-day delivery service for Moab. And thus, Tech Essentials and Supply was born.

Wojcieszek said Kirks has built Tech Essentials’ online catalog, which contains retail from Tech Zen. The offerings are all gently used or refurbished, and Wojcieszek said they offer warranties on all their products to “give consumers the confidence in the product.” New items will be brought online going forward, and the goal is to have a large variety of phones and cases.

Wojcieszek said that Kirks is really the driving creative force behind Tech Essentials and Supply, while she has the experience and hard-won wisdom.

“He has these great ideas and I’m here to help him,” she said.

Kirks said that he has several ideas in the works, including a secure pick-up box from which customers could retrieve the items they purchase.

“The thing we’re trying to optimize is making things easier for our customers,” Kirks said. “That’s what Tech Essentials is: an emphasis on customer experience.”

Tech Essentials and Supply may be found at It may be contacted at

Tech Essentials and Supply to provide ‘same-day delivery’ to Moab