Are you feeling like me, looking into the Grand County Public Library and wishing you could get in at all the books? (Don’t worry, the librarians let me back in after a walk.) Well, this week the children’s librarian Adrea Lund told me about author Kate DiCamillo, who you can find on the Tumble Book Library, where you can find children’s e-books that are always available instantly with no username or password needed. “For young readers,” Adrea said, “I recommend reading ‘Mercy Watson to the Rescue,’ which has a lovable and hilarious pig heroine. The entire series is available as read-along, talking picture book videos.” I’m an older cat, so I’m starting to read “The Tale of Despereaux : Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of Thread.” Adrea’s second-grader loved it as a read-aloud book too. Visit Grand County Public Library’s online list of Digital Resources for Families and click on Tumble Book Library for free access. Please stay home, stay safe, and read! [Photo courtesy of the Grand County Public Library]