This map shows the parcels within the Sand Flats Recreation Area that were considered for oil and gas development outlined in red. The area outlined in purple is Moab city limits. [Moab Sun News]

Most important for a healthy lifestyle is good, safe water. We need it to drink, cook, farm and bathe. Nothing is more important. Yet this is the very thing being jeopardized by the White House and the BLM.

A few days ago Trump passed the “Navigable Waters Protection Act,” which like most of his actions has a misleading title to imply the exact opposite of what it does. That act will not protect anything other than golf course owners and industrial CEOs. They won’t need to think any longer about their polluting activities and what their discharges do to our water.

Also, there is the BLM plan to lease for oil and gas exploration right here in Sand Flats (See Moab Sun News coverage, “Sand Flats areas considered for oil and gas lease,” pub. Jan. 16, 2020 -ed.). This is NOT the place for drilling. These places are designated for recreation, between high-quality pristine lands and close to Arches National Park. Drilling will threaten groundwater and Moab/Spanish Valley’s fragile water supply.

Please contact the BLM and your elected officials. Tell them now to take these parcels out of their list of offerings to oil and gas. Your kids will thank you for this.

Margie Read, Moab