Gaar Lausman, pictured here, was one of four local Moab climbers who established a new route up the Sister Superior tower, part of the Jah Man climb. [Photo courtesy of Gaar Lausman]

Just two days after the news broke that the first pitch of the iconic rock climb “Jah Man” had crumbled, four local Moab climbers established a new route to the upper section of the climb. Gaar Lausman, Jake Warren, Dave Sadoff and Mark Howe climbed three new pitches. No longer a moderate climb, one of the new pitches is rated at a difficulty of 5.12c, Lausman said, significantly harder than the old rating of 5.10c. National climbing news outlets have picked up the story. 

Howe also posted about the climb, warning that the rubble of the destroyed tower is still settling and unstable. He also reported that the first pitch of a route next to Jah Man called “Nuns With Guns” was also destroyed in the recent rock fall.