The first baby born at Moab Regional Hospital in 2020 is Arlo Jane Groves. She was born to Jeff and Erin Groves. [Photo courtesy of Moab Regional Hospital]

Arlo Jane Groves is the first baby to be born at Moab Regional Hospital in 2020. She arrived on Jan. 8 at 9:13 p.m., weighing in at 8 pounds 10 ounces and measuring 21 inches long. Her parents are Erin and Jeff Groves. The family lives in Moab, and she is the couple’s first child. 

“We have a dog and a cat, but this is the first baby,” the proud father said, adding that the cat is completely indifferent to the baby while the dog seems to understand that Baby Arlo is an important new member of the family.

The parents said that Arlo was named after her Erin’s paternal grandfather Arlo, while her middle name, Jane, is a “tribute to the many wonderful Janes in our lives” which include family members and close friends who are “all very strong, remarkable females.”

As the parents of the first baby born at MRH in 2020, they received a bundle of gifts from the hospital, including basic care items like a bulb syringe and diapers, as well as plush toys and a blanket with an attachment that dangles toys down for the baby. They were also showered with gifts from businesses in the area, including numerous gift certificates and baby-related items such as a case of diapers and baby wipes from City Market and a baby gate from Walker True Value. They were also gifted a pound of coffee from Dave’s Corner Market, which may come in especially handy, as newborns are known to wake up throughout the night. However, Jeff said that so far Baby Arlo is sleeping pretty well, so he and his wife are not as sleep-deprived as some new parents.

Erin is an arts administrator for the Moab Music Festival and Jeff is a builder with Eco Logic Design Build. Both parents said they are excited to show Arlo the great outdoors via hiking and camping.