Kilee Woodard and Patrick Johnson [Photo courtesy of Bri Henderson Photography]

The Grand County High School students of the month for December 2019 are Kilee Woodard and Patrick Johnson.

Kilee Woodard is a senior at Grand County High School. She is the daughter of Lucenda and Aaron Woodard.

Kilee’s favorite subject in school is English.

“I like how open we’re allowed to be,” she said. “Everyone’s allowed to have their own opinion and feel no judgment from others. We always have group conversations and everyone is involved and I enjoy what we learn.”

She said that her most challenging class is math.

“It’s always been something I’ve struggled with so it was a challenge, but it was good for me,” she said.

Kilee also received an award for being the top student in her history class.

Kilee gives back to the school community in many ways, from decorating for junior prom, participating in all school spirit homecoming events, and going to as many sporting events as she can to support her peers.

She is a valued office aide, running countless errands and helping the infrastructure of the school run smoothly. Dr. Stephen Hren, principal at the high school, has seen her work in that capacity and says that Kilee “is always upbeat and helpful. She will do whatever is asked. She always has a smile on her face. She is a great role model of positivity.”

Kilee is known for her desire for mastery in her classes and for going above and beyond in her school work.

After high school, she plans on moving to Salt Lake City to go to school for massage therapy.

Patrick Johnson, also a senior, is the son of Stan and Lucia Johnson.

Patrick’s favorite classes are AP Calculus and AP Literature because “the teachers and classmates are awesome and the classwork is fun.” While they are his favorite classes, he said they are also his most challenging.

“The classwork is on a higher level than most of the classes I’ve had,” he said.

Throughout high school, Patrick has been a dedicated member of the cross country and track team. He won Academic All-Region and All-State honors for cross country. This year, he also played a supporting role in the Grand County High School musical


Carol Stephenson, the school’s librarian, gushed that Patrick is an exemplary office aide, always asking if there is more to be done at the end of every task.

GCHS Vice-Principal Mary Marable added, “I have seen Patrick and his kindness towards others. He is a gentleman who jumps in to help. Also, he loves to read: He’s one of those guys that reads while he’s walking!”

This endearing hallway habit is one of the things that Patrick is known and beloved for.

Outside of school, he has been a part of the Boy Scout program for four years. In addition, Patrick has loved working at Milt’s Stop & Eat for three and a half years because of the great customers and co-workers.

After high school, he plans on serving an LDS mission and then attending BYU where he will work towards a degree in geology.