San Juan County residents need land-use codes to protect their property from the intrusion of neighbors. The intrusive neighbors we are talking about are generally state organizations, out-of-area landowners and other property owners who are generally interested in making the most money possible with no concern for you. The intrusive neighbor believes you have no right to protection from noise, lights or their pollution.

Spanish Valley residents currently have air pollution from asphalt plants, an airport that has a runway ending a few feet from the main access road with school buses passing and rock quarries in their backyards. All of the above have occurred in my 30-year residence in the valley and have significantly reduced property values.

Property values will increase with land-use codes in place. Land-use codes provide future landowners with the security that they will not have a rock quarry in their backyard or an air pollution facility in their area.

Do not fall for the false cry of developers that your property rights are being diluted by land-use codes. Your property rights are increasing. You now have some protection from intrusions on your property. Your property values will go up. We cannot control growth, but we can control outside landowners and intrusive neighbors.

Bill Love

San Juan County