Tira Cook [Courtesy photo]

The seventh-grade student of the month is Hope Shumway.

Hope is an energetic, kind and caring student here at Grand County Middle School. She gives it her all: athletically, academically, and she is always volunteering to help other students and help out around the classroom. Her ready smile and serious work ethic make her a model in the classroom. Hope works hard at school and takes pride in her work. She leads by example, believes in fairness and all of the students trust her. Hope enjoys being active, participating on the basketball and volleyball teams. Her favorite sports are basketball, volleyball and softball. Hope is a people person. She loves children, spending time with her family and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite food is crab and her favorite color is teal.

Hope’s advice to students is: “Try your best!”

The eighth-grade student of the month is Tira Cook.

Tira demonstrates many great qualities as a student at Grand County Middle School. She is hard-working and persistent in completing her assigned tasks. She is also very patient when working through difficult assignments. Tira is a great role model for good organization and punctuality. Tira is always friendly and courteous with her peers and teachers. She loves to dance and has been dancing for nine years, and she even owns a pair of pointe shoes. Tira has a cat at home and she likes to read lots of books.

Tira’s advice to students is: “Patience is very useful!”

Congratulations to Tira and Hope; thank you for your outstanding work!