A partygoer strikes a pose at the last all-ages dance. [Photo courtesy of Daily Haren]

The Moab Pride committee is hosting its quarterly, all-ages dance party at the Seekhaven Chapel this Saturday, Dec. 14, inviting people to share a fun and welcoming space.

Along with dancing to a playlist featuring requests from dancers, LGBTQ artists, and Rainbow themes, attendees can participate in a drag show.

“It’s different every single time,” said Cal Bee, one of the event’s organizers, of the drag line-up. “Usually I do something—my persona is Cowboy Cal. Typically, one of the high-schoolers who participate in Rainbow Club performs.”

The Rainbow Club is a BEACON after-school program that provides a safe, accepting space for LGBTQ youth in Moab.

“There are a lot of first-timers—there is space for that,” Bee added. “I have had a handful of people who have done drag probably only at one of these parties.”

If you’d like to participate in the drag show, you can contact the organizers at the Moab Pride Festival Facebook page and request a song for your performance, which will be added to the playlist. The parameters for acts are wide open.

“For us drag truly means anything—it’s performative art, to your favorite song,” said Bee. “It’s a pretty welcoming space for anyone who’s interested in trying it for their first time.”

If a drag performance is not your style, but you have something else you’d like to share, the Make if Snowflake party is open to open-mic style performances as well. Bring your banjo, sing a song, or read a poem.

“The focus for these particular dance parties is for young people, so it’s really space for them to share stuff that they feel comfortable doing,” Bee explained. “And it’s a really good time. We get kids from aged two to teenagers.”

While the dance party focuses on youth, Bee said Moab Pride has recently begun hosting an LGBTQ club for adults, called the Unicorn Club, which meets at the Moab Arts and Recreation Center on Mondays at 6 p.m.

“It’s kind of an adult Rainbow space,” Bee said.

The MARC is the usual location for the Pride dance parties, but due to a scheduling conflict, this winter’s event will take place in the Seekhaven Chapel. Seekhaven provides resources for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The crisis center and the Pride committee have collaborated in the past.

“We work with Pride and we do what we can to support one another,” said Elaina Budris, Prevention Coordinator at Seekhaven.

For example, last month Seekhaven paid for Budris to attend a training on “Equity and Anti-Oppression,” put on by Moab Pride. Budris said the training was “fantastic.”

“They’re a really important part of our community and we’re lucky to have them,” Budris said.

Bee noted that the MARC “has always been our very generous and appreciated collaborative partner” as well, and their collaboration will continue.

Bring an open mind and a light heart to the Make it Snowflake dance party.

“It’s super playful, dancey–it’ll be a good time,” Bee said.

“It’s super playful, dancey–it’ll be a good time.”

– Cal Bee

Moab Pride hosts inclusive dance party at Seekhaven

Where: Seekhaven Family Crisis and Resource Center, 81 N. 300 East

When: Saturday, Dec. 14 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Cost: free

Info: facebook.com/moabpridefestival