Dear Sir:

This complaint concerns the activity of San Juan County’s Clerk John David Nielson during the Nov. 5, 2019, election and during the 2018 election. The clerk is accused of falsifying a document in the 2018 election of the San Juan County Commissioners and electioneering during the 2019 election by distributing one-sided information at voting sites in San Juan County.

San Juan County is currently divided between what I call the “old guard,” which has been in power for almost 150 years, and the current commission which has two new Navajo members. The change in the commission was due to courts finding that the old guard had gerrymandered the county to prevent equal voting by the Navajo majority.

The current San Juan County Attorney has ignored the conduct of the County Clerk and the residents cannot expect a fair review of the clerk’s activities within San Juan County. l have also contacted the Lt. Governor’s Office concerning election procedures and they have referred me to your office.

I am requesting a review of my concerns by your office, prosecution and removal of the San Juan County Clerk John David Nielson, if appropriate.

William Love

Moab, Utah