Grand County property tax owners who want to receive their tax bill by email can now sign up for this service, according to Grand County Treasurer Chris Kauffman.

“Taxpayers can stop receiving printed bills and instead get electronic notices which will allow them to save resources, get their bill earlier and send it to multiple addresses,” said Kauffman.

According to information on the tax bill, the sign up page can be accessed through where property owners can find their parcel and sign up for emails by using a Personal Identification Number (PIN) located on the back of the tax bill. The PIN expires on Dec. 31.

Multiple parcels can be signed up at once, and two additional email addresses can receive the bill.

“We are trying to find as many ways as possible to make paying property taxes a little more convenient, and it’s a bonus that it saves paper and postages as well,” said Kauffman.

Emailing the tax bill has only been an option for several years, after a bill was passed allowing it. Because the regular due date of Nov. 30 falls on a Saturday, property taxes are due Monday, Dec. 2.

Taxpayers can apply for a reduction in their taxes through the Grand County Treasurer’s Office if they make less than $33,530 per year and also meet one other qualification such as being age 65 or older, disabled, a widow or widower, or experiencing an extreme hardship. The treasurer’s office may be reached by calling 435-259-1338.

Qualifying taxpayers may apply for tax reduction