Moab resident Elana Davidson, author of “Finding Your Own Happy: The Soul Searchers Guide to Peace and Happiness” is launching a new project: a weekly Facebook Live broadcast featuring “unusual conversations on mental health and happiness.”

Davidson said she aims “to create a space to broaden the conversation about mental health and happiness, including social and cultural contexts that affect our mental health, and unconventional or unusual ways that people…have found relief and healing.”

Her new show airs weekly and features guests with “something unique and different to contribute.” The Facebook Live format provides a space for audience participation where they can submit their comments and question and have them included in the conversation as it is happening

A recent show featured Kate LaBrosse, the author of “This Is Me Bipolar-free,” Davidson said, and a future episode will center on a conversation with former Moab resident Molly McClish, who lost her young daughter to suicide. Another future episode will have a discussion with researcher and psychologist Dr. Eric Kuelker on the Psychological Injury model of mental health.

Davidson said she spent decades of her life seeking answers to truly understand and heal from serious depression. She said she came to understand that her depression in part stemmed from her empathy and sensitivity to the world around her.

“Learning how to work with that really changed things for me,” she said.

Her journey inspired to write her book, released this January and available at Moonflower Market and Back of Beyond Bookstore, as well as online. She has also created a training and coaching program.

Her show broadcasts live every Wednesday at 8 a.m. on her Facebook page, Her shows are available on her Youtube channel,