Our appreciation of the current commissioners is based primarily on their listening to the concerns of the local citizens.

In the past, the needs or concerns of the residents were ignored.

Zoning was changed several years ago to allow a gravel pit next to residential housing. The dirt, noise, pollution and loss of property values was not a concern of the old commission.

An enlargement of an airport was approved that has a runway ending 10 feet from the main access road to a residential area. The school bus crosses the end of the runway twice every school day.

The water and sewer systems are being built to meet SITLA’s need for future development, while many residents cannot afford the sewer piping to their house. Grand County found grants to help residents with the sewer line cost. San Juan County’s old commission could have cared less about the residents as long as SITLA was happy.

San Juan County let SITLA propose a sale of property to Love’s for a truck stop. The residents next to the truck stop were told by SITLA to suck it up and not complain. The old Planning & Zoning Committee did not even follow the county’s already low requirements for protecting nearby residents.

The change we have seen under the new commissioners is appreciated. They are a breath of fresh air that can benefit all of San Juan County. Wake up, San Juan County, to the fact that the old commission wasted millions of dollars on problems and lawsuits and we will probably pay for their extravagance with higher taxes.


Bill Love

San Juan County