Joanna Sarani

Joanna was known to most as “Sarani.” Born in Evanston, Illinois, to John and Mildred Hamrin, Sarani’s father emigrated to the United States from Sweden. He became a very well known builder in the Chicago-area and built the family home where she grew up.

Sarani always had the dream of leaving Chicago. She landed in the San Francisco/Mill Valley area of California and this turned out to be the perfect place to nurture her interest in health, nutrition and alternative medicine.

She spent time as a radiologist technician and learned a lot about muscles, bones and the internal workings of the body. As her thoughts turned to more alternative methods of healing and nutrition, she changed her profession to massage therapy.

After her move to Moab in the late ’90s, she continued to practice massage therapy until her own health circumstances forced her to retire, but her interest in human health and wellbeing continued. Sarani studied and found new alternatives and treatments to help herself and shared them with those around her.

Many of her friends can attest to the great care and advice she gave. She always made sure her circle of friends was well cared for. In her most recent years, she was loved and cared for by Community Nursing Services’ caregivers Betty and Marlene.

All those who knew Sarani benefited from her friendship. We will miss you, dear friend.

A celebration of life will be held in Joanna Sarani’s memory on the outside patio on Friday, Sept. 20  at 6pm at Rockridge Senior Housing (540 E. 100 North).