In response to M. Reads’ disgruntled letter last week, I will start at the bottom of it.

I will vote, but certainly not for Democrats who, in my opinion, have lost any credibility they might have ever had. They are the ones whining and spewing ugly hatred using extreme unwarranted language in describing people and inciting violence against conservative Republicans.

No thanks to the New York Times, MSNBC, NBC, CNN and CBS for distorting reality and aiding and abetting negative talk by commentators. The rage against President Trump is without merit.

You stated that we are now expected to believe that the KKK has lots of good people and those that try to prevent fascism (Antifa) are dangerous. Antifa are nothing more than a gang of thugs using phony political reasons as an excuse to beat people up. Look at them in their uniforms and cowardly masks brandishing clubs. I do hope they are designated as a terrorist group. Yes, they are dangerous – to free speech. Read the first amendment of the Bill of Rights. They are left wing fascists!

Also, the KKK was started and perpetuated by Democrats. Senator Robert Byrd was so revered by Democrats, he was a Grand Wizard. But you meant Charlottesville, didn’t you? Well, look at the entire statement Trump made, then you will see the truth.

This is another thing hateful Democrats do. They take a phrase out of context to the dialogue and spin it down. How devious! That the Democrats are thwarting nearly every effort by Trump to keep our nation safe and sound is egregious.

Yes, I am afraid for my country. Republicans are for liberty, individualism and entrepreneurship, and that’s what I want. Not to have every aspect of my life controlled by a nanny state of socialism.

Jerry Jaran

Moab, UT

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