Dear Editor:

I want to alert readers to a proposed residential development that could seriously affect a local destination that many residents as well as visitors consider a Moab crown jewel: Mill Creek Canyon.

Although I strongly support efforts to address Moab’s affordable housing crisis, I don’t believe 100-plus single family dwellings at the mouth of Mill Creek Canyon is a suitable place to start. Intentionally or otherwise it seems the proposed Abbey Subdivision has stayed below the community radar.

The project as proposed (and recommended for approval by the Moab City Planner) raises a number of concerns, but I encourage everyone to review available information—especially the proposed plat—and form their own opinions by downloading the information packet.

A cursory assessment raises concerns including the already overstressed traffic congestion and potential adverse effects on the fragile riparian area. This is not a suitable place to begin high density housing.

To say the use of Edward Abbey’s name for this development seriously conflicts with Abbey’s abhorrence of development for development’s sake is a gross understatement.

If you share our concerns, plan to attend the Planning Commission meeting on Thursday, Aug. 22, at 6 pm in the Moab City Council chambers.

Jim Collar