Dear Editor:

There is so much to be said about the horrible direction that Trump and his administration are taking us, I scarcely know where to start. From day one, he has been appointing individuals to his cabinet that are clearly people bent on destroying our country. Often they don’t last. If they show any signs of thinking differently than him, they are gone.

Yet Trump continues to find replacements, what T. Egan of the New York Times calls “awful human beings, monumental incompetents, wife-beaters, frauds and outright criminals.”

His recent executioners of this nation are Ken Cuccinelli, acting chief of federal immigration services and William Perry Pendley, head of our public lands at the Bureau of Land Management.

Cuccinelli, who is fine with putting kids in cages, wants to rewrite the message of our Statue of Liberty and make sure that only the wealthy—and light of skin—are entering the country.

William Perry Pendley, who has spent his previous career suing the federal government for protecting our environment, will now be helping big industry polluters to kill whatever gets in their way and dump filth wherever it is close to their pollution source – drinking water be damned. He has a further goal to sell off our public lands to the highest bidder.

This will ensure the destruction of the wild open spaces managed by the Bureau of Land Management that we cherish and turn to for recreation, renewal and a needed reminder of the beauty of the world.

I remain especially shocked by the apparent ugly hatred that is perpetrated by this White House. It is all about money and nationalism. We are now expected to believe that the KKK has lots of good people and those that try to prevent fascism (Antifa) are dangerous.

Be afraid for our country and do what you can to turn this around. Vote.

Margie Lopez Read