M. Bryon Walston [Moab Sun News file photo]

A large field of eleven was cut down to just six candidates for Moab City Council after this week’s primary election.

Incumbent candidates Rani Derasary, Kalen Jones and Tawny Knuteson-Boyd will be joined by challengers by Kenneth G. Minor, M. Bryon Walston and Kendall Jenson in the general election.

The City of Moab’s unofficial pre-canvass election results show current City Council members Knuteson-Boyd, Derasary and Jones garnered a majority of votes. Knuteson-Boyd led with 690 votes. Derasary collected 656 votes, followed by Jones with 623. M Bryon Walston collected 560 votes, with Kenneth G. Minor trailing 26 votes behind. Kendall Jenson received 362 votes.

In a statement provided to the Moab Sun News, Knuteson-Boyd expressed appreciation for all ten candidates who ran in the primary. “They all ran ethical campaigns,” she said, “and that speaks volumes about our community as a whole.”

Jones agreed, pointing out the large number of candidates reflects “engaged and passionate our citizens are about the future of Moab.”

“That engagement is part of what makes our town such a special place,” he said via email.

As population growth and affordable housing continue to be hot-button issues, Knuteson-Boyd reaffirmed her commitment to working with residents and policymakers to direct thoughtful development.

“A clean, safe, well-planned place to call home is essential to a city having a quality of life that keeps people here, brings in new residents and maintains a diverse population,” she said.

Election results are not considered final until the city council officially canvasses the vote within one to two weeks of the election.

1426 ballots were received from Moab residents, reported City Recorder Sommar Johnson. That means over 50 percent of Moab’s 2636 registered voters participated in the election.

That’s a pretty good turnout for a primary election, said Johnson.

The City of Moab contracted with Grand County for help with this year’s election, marking the first time Grand County has assisted with a solely municipal ballot. In the past, election services have been provided when ballots have contained both city and county issues.

At the City Council meeting on Aug. 13, the council formally adopted an agreement with Grand County to provide election services for the city.

“I think it’s just fantastic that Grand County is providing these services tonight,” said Kalen Jones, “and I think it’s a great example of inter-local cooperation and resource sharing.”

Ballots were distributed by mail to registered city voters. The general election will also be a vote-by-mail election.

“The broad primary field was a reflection of how engaged and passionate our citizens are about the future of Moab.”

Kalen Jones

To vote in the November general election, register to vote in person at the Grand County Clerk’s Office at 125 E. Center St.

You can register to vote, check your voter registration status and update your address online at vote.utah.gov.

Contact Grand County Clerk Chris Baird with any questions about voter registration at 435-259-1321.